The staff of Capital Center is dedicated to making your work environment as safe and as pleasant as possible. The property management office is located in Suite180, in the middle of the atrium. Please do not hesitate to come by the management office or CONTACT US.

251 N. Illinois Street
Suite 180
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone:  (317) 237-2810     
Fax:  (317) 829-7109

Management Team

Title Name Phone E-Mail
Regional Real Estate Manager Dan Sweeney (317) 237-2810
Assistant Real Estate Manager
Mandy Smith (317) 237-2810

Tenant Services Coordinator

(317) 237-2810
Chief Building Engineer Bob O'Neal (317) 237-2810
Building Engineer
Dale Butler (317) 237-2810  
Building Engineer
Mike Baker (317) 237-2810  
 Building Engineer Tom Kolcheck (317) 237-2810  


Leasing Team 

Title Name Phone E-Mail
First Vice President John Vandenbark (317) 269-1046
Client Services Beth Heidrich (317) 269-1126





Capital Center is owned and operated by HERTZ INVESTMENT GROUP, LLC, a fully integrated national real estate investment company specializing in the acquisition, marketing and management of exceptional properties in cities throughout the country, including New Orleans, Lake Charles, Jackson, Knoxville, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and St. Louis.