Tenant Safety Training

Life Safety Video Training

To access a custom multimedia presentation which includes life safety information that is specific to the Capital Center and geographic location, please click here.

To get started, click on the links below for reference guides for you and your employees as follows:

  • BSS Guardian Tenant Representative Quick Guide - Step-by-step guide only for tenant representatives to login and set up a company password. (Please note, if you have previously logged-in, you do not need to register again or reset your password).
  • BSS Guardian Employee User Guide - Step-by-step guide for employees to access the presentation. Once the tenant representative sets up the company's password, they should share it with all employees and send them this user guide so they can access the presentation.

Should you have any questions about how to log in or forgot your password, please call BSS at 1 (800) 315-5676.

Emergency Procedure Manuals

Capital Center Emergency Procedure Manuals are available if you would like a pdf copy. Please click the links below to view.